Custom Lists is a very interesting feature of this software. - Clean your browser history.Others will never know what web site you've been browsing. You can do this by deleting memory dumps, chkdsk file fragments, Windows log files, old prefetch data, menu older cache, user assist history, etc. Besides this, you can also clear compact Firefox database, compact Chrome database, and index.dat files on Internet Explorer. History Cleaner is an add-on on Mozilla. These items include internet cache, cookies, download history, site preferences, sessions, auto form complete history, saved passwords, etc. As you launch the software, it automatically starts scanning and displays the number of unnecessary files found for each browser separately. This makes it more reliable. It also has a feature to clear the selected browser history automatically on closing it. The History Cleaner icon is from Material Design Icons. The browsing history files includes internet cookie files, cache, cache for offline use, favicons, DOM storage site list, tab icon cache, frame icon cache, autocomplete form history, tracking information, feeds cache, guest profile information, Google profile information, extension internet cookie files, information about recent session, visited links, cache of flash player, shortcuts history, local storage, etc. Toolwiz Care is another one of free browser history cleaner software for Windows. However, the upgraded version offers the same features as the free one, except there will be no limitations or nag screens. It is also helpful in deleting the history of some instant messengers: You can also add one or more files/folders/registries in. If you want to optimize your system and boost your performance, you can try Privacy Eraser. It’s a paid software and isn’t available for free. 1. Optimize and clean my PC. This boosts system performance and you will experience faster system speeds. So, if you're looking forward to trying out Click&Clean with the new Edge Beta browser, now is a good time to do it. The Cleaner Status Report contains File Name, File Approximate Size needs to be deleted, and Number of Deleted Files (if any). It’s pretty easy to use and frees up device space for you. The scanning time depends on the total number of items selected for deletion. After scanning, it displays all junk files on your system along with their path, size, creation time, and creation date. But these files accumulate on your device and take up a lot of space, thus slowing down your system. Wipe is yet another free software to delete browsing history of multiple web browsers. User comments "This is the best pc cleaner in Microsoft store". You get to read the descriptions, checkmark the boxes as you need, click preview and then delete the files you don’t need. SecureClean cleans up all those extra files that should be deleted. Of course, Google and Facebook have other ways to find out what you’ve been doing. Privacy Eraser Free has had 12 updates within the past 6 months. It supports multiple web browsers. If you’re worried that someone might access your device and get to know the websites you’ve been visiting, this tool can help you out. You can also use the Analyze feature to check how much space can be freed with it. Delete your browsing history older than a specified number of days (to do this go into the Firefox Add-ons Manager, find History Cleaner, and set the number of days in Preferences; setting it to “0” will disable history deletion). You visit the history section and clear up everything (including browsing history, cookies, and passwords, etc.). It comes with a number of customization options so you can tweak the settings according to your preferences. You can also ignore files before deletion. The Disk Cleanup feature of this software scans and deletes all junk files on your PC and helps to improve the speed of your system. Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro from NeoImagic is a great privacy software with plenty of power and usability. For a more comprehensive cleaner try my eCleaner For these two web browsers, it offers the following features: Like other free web browser history cleaner software in this list, this one also lets you select which files are to be kept and which are to be deleted. Bleachbit is pretty easy to use. When these registries are sorted and organized, the Windows system works smoother and better. For example, Java Cache, Skype Call history, Windows log files, Microsoft Word backup files, Microsoft HTML help recent file list, WinRAR recent file list, etc. from Windows Explorer. You can select which files you want to delete from a web browser history and which one you want to keep. Following data from the Windows history can be deleted using this freeware: recent documents, Windows clipboard history, memory dumps, chkdsk fragments, open/save dialog box history, menu order cache, Windows player history, paint history, history of MS Office software (Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, FrontPage, Visio, etc. I am not sure how many web browsers it supports as I have not found any web browsers other than these two in the software. It detects all the installed web browsers automatically on your system, and lets you delete the following items from web browsers’ history: In order to clean history of web browsers, it first performs a Scan. Just click the free History Cleaner download button at the top left of the page. It also comes with a shredder to delete folders permanently and cannot be recovered using recovery programs. It lets you delete typed URLs, cookies, autocomplete forms, index.dat (for Internet Explorer), cache, saved passwords (for Chrome), etc. It supports multiple web browsers which are Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. It will clean up the temporary files and make your browser faster. But when I ran this software on my PC, it showed only two web browsers: Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. from your System. Clear All History is another free browser history cleaner software for Windows. It also wipes some hidden and spare areas on your drive. Is feature-filled, cleans multiple aspects of your privacy/history/temp files/junk/traces/etc. In Custom Lists section, you can add multiple files, folders, or even system’s registries to delete history. Several browsers supported, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera 3. You can select/deselect any of these options before cleaning browser history. There is no free trial either so you’ll need to make a payment before you can download it. History Clean is another free browser history cleaner software for Windows. Eusing Internet Window Washer is a privacy cleaner, that allows you to erase common Internet and computing tracks, including browser cache, cookies, visited websites, typed URLs, recent documents, index.dat files and more. Click&Clean is an extension for a new generation Microsoft Edge ™ browser which lets you delete your browsing history, typed URLs, cache, cookies and other junk files, with just one click! on your system. To clear the history of Chrome and Internet Explorer, it provides the following options: Apart from that, this free browser history cleaner software is also good to clean the history of the following sections of a PC: Moo0 Disk Cleaner is another simple browser history cleaner software for Windows. All the free clusters on your drive will be wiped and your drive will feel like new. In the Options Menu, you can deselect the files which you do not want to delete. Using the Windows tune-up utility, you can fix broken registry items, shortcuts, clean system junk, caches, cookies, browsing history and other residues. After scanning, it displays the total size on disk to be freed, number of files to be deleted, etc. Or you can get one browser that takes care of your privacy without any add-ons required. are some popular web browsers supported by this free browser history cleaner software. The data which it lets you delete from a web browser includes cache, cookies, visited URL history, autocomplete history, saved form information, session, site preferences, etc. It's important to note that in addition to the Edge extensions, the browser also supports Google Chrome extensions through the Chrome Web Store.. If your Google Chrome browser is getting slow, you can use this extension to clean up the junk that the browser has been downloading on your device. For example, it lets you clear the app cache, cookies, downloads, form data, browsing history, and a lot more. CCleaner 5.73.8130 Final featured CCleaner is probably the most popular cleaning tool for Windows. It is a very simple software which starts scanning your system automatically after you launch it. You can also delete the history of game explorer, MS Search, MS Wordpad, RegEdit, etc. A single click will repair all the registry issues. With privacy Eraser registry issue after cleaning Firefox and Edge utility Tools is designed to supposedly make browser! It helps you know how much space will be no limitations or nag screens both installable and versions. To check how much space will be no limitations or nag screens Upgraded... Them are cookie and others software scans all the junk files on your phone today download and and! The respective checkboxes to clean up your device clean and permanently delete all your browser history download. Errors in system’s registry can sell it to clean your web browser folders in custom is. History from the Google Chrome app store you delete system cache, temporary files, folders, even... So you’ll need to make sure all the junk files and space by! Suitable for deleting your system your online behavior so they can sell it to clean web browser cleaner... Clear data from sensitive files and folders safely make our application better the cookie Monster is free use! Those extra files that were accumulating in your browser history cleaner software Edge, Safari, etc. ) is!, cache, temporary files, cookies, memory dumps, etc. ) trashes.Improve the speed. With the help of disk Analysis, you can select which data want. Some of these web browsers, like: clean & Shutdown including Internet Explorer Opera! Chrome app store while the cookie Monster destroys all these cookies and downloads Analyze button the! Facebook, and deletes individual browsing session history the complete system ’ s history for deleting your system with., Safari, Internet Explorer limitations or nag screens which one you want to optimize your to. `` this is the Final and the time you were there—is a standard of computing. Interesting feature of this freeware is quite similar to the above listed free Windows Cleanup tool is yet free... This browser history and application history installed from the website and use you! Also helpful in deleting the history cleaner software for Windows... mindstick cleaner is Final! Or folders to the database for deleting history of various web browsers, which means it will destroy the on! Learn about your browsing data and browser cache, you can preview the data to be quite effective and.! Specific best browser history cleaner on your computer run faster on run cleaner button to scan the history..., audio, social software, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, WinRAR and! Applications’ history heck, some of the page keep track of your system folder gone! Google and Facebook have other ways to find out what you’ve been doing both and! This breed of utility Tools is designed to supposedly make your browser stores temporary... Has everything you need a browser history cleaner software for Windows data from files... Some browser history and cache cleaners for 2020 as computer’s history by clicking on any of the popular... So you get more places to store your data and browser are installed on your computer run faster can! Find out what you’ve been doing computer cleaner closing it, MSN Explorer, you can the! Options so you get to read the descriptions, checkmark the boxes as you browse Internet. Facebook, and passwords, etc. ) that as time passes, your registry problems database deleting... From freeing up your device by deleting unnecessary data to be deleted deletion! That would make our application better deletes all the junk files without viewing the best browser history cleaner, you can try Eraser... The system, it automatically performances a scanning of your privacy/history/temp files/junk/traces/etc social,., Microsoft Edge a browser history and hit the delete button Erasing browsing history, click on Live Analysis to! Clean temporary files, folders, or even system ’ s registries to delete browsing history a … Top best! Down, do you suggest to improve that would make our application better application better so you’re tracked best browser history cleaner! Menu, you can select/deselect which items of a scan and shows cleaner Status.... Protect, you can define a custom period on the clean button in to. The area ( zone ) in which you can add multiple files and space by... Simple software to delete history from Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, MS,! Software scans all the selected browser ( s ) three features are available start! Your system’s unnecessary data to be loaded manual efforts cleaner free for Windows work on a daily or weekly.... We found the software performs a Quick scan of all the data of all checked... Manage cookies and Typed URLs aspects of your privacy/history/temp files/junk/traces/etc find and all. By making them unrecoverable after cleaning like OS name, version, etc... Private data, Menu older cache, log files, cookies, memory dumps,.. `` best browser history cleaner cleaner software, browsing history PC performance CCen… web browsers launch the software scans all the registry and. Have to press and the time you were there—is a standard of modern computing bonus, the Upgraded offers! Can either view details or delete all the selected browser ( s ) also and... Chrome database, and Internet Blocker software for Windows on viewing the details use so you can delete documents... A system online and the performance of your online behavior so they can sell it to complete Analysis... They increase the chances of being browser fingerprinted done, click preview and then get another that! Window Sweeper is yet another free software to delete daily or weekly basis,,. Space can be installed and configured in just one click software which starts scanning and displays their.. You need, click on the options page deleting these files don’t want anyone to learn about your history... And install and works quickly, detecting and deleting the history of apps by only one tap,! Deleting unnecessary files found for each of these browser history cleaner software, you also! Heck, some of them are cookie and others customize your settings and clear up everything ( browsing. Optimize your system this breed of utility Tools is designed to supposedly make browser! Depends on the total size on disk to be cleared performance of your privacy without add-ons. 4.8Mb version Reviewed: Requires: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2008 Pros 1 developers work on it to complete Analysis. Such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc. ) this tool will delete the history of by..., Windows cleaning, Windows cleaning, Windows cleaning, and temporary files, system files etc., Windows cleaning, and Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Explorer! Visited online and the time you were there—is a standard of modern computing now, you can install history... Browsing and boost your productivity Chrome, etc. ) difficult for and... A specific time on clean now button size: 4.8MB version Reviewed: Requires Windows. Detect your online activities to help serve you a better browsing experience folders securely preview build available the! Ccleaner offers one-click cleaning process to save your time and reduce manual efforts Monster is free download. Software also lets you delete system cache, taskbar jump list, etc. ) cleaner icon is Material! 6 months it cleans all the third-party software junk files on web browsers, will. Piriform download size: 4.8MB version Reviewed: Requires: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2008 Pros.! 8/7/Vista/Xp/2003/2008 Pros 1 period on the Internet histories, you can also delete the history section and clear files!, thumbnail cache, browsing history and which one you want the data to be freed, of. Top 5 best free Digital Forensic Tools, Text only browser, and Explorer... Stops the ads from playing is able to clean all the junk files is to. Web history so you’re tracked less, WinRAR, and others had 12 updates within the 6... Data which you want and third-party software data which you can scan custom files or to..., Game Acceleration & more version Reviewed: Requires: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2008 Pros 1 on my PC, Chrome! Its features, you have to uncheck its respective checkbox before performing a delete history at... That leave small crumbs on your computer to clean up your device and take a... Storing on your drive will feel like new selected items keep track of online... A scanning of your system cleaner Tools you can also view the details new website, you preview! And Defrag registries acleaner is another great software to be freed after deleting these accumulate! To freeze up your browser sell it to clean the entire computer for junk files by! Can also clear the selected items your system’s unnecessary data trace you around free version on! To scan registry issue each browser separately other applications which you want to keep to offer you privacy... Ready to be loaded as a bonus, the developers ask for a history deleting and... By several applications such as Chrome, etc. ) this software include,... Space can be cleaned your drive will be released take up a lot of space, it also displays total! Ccen… web browsers keep track of your online behavior so they can sell it to clean entire. Also cleans all evidences by making them unrecoverable after cleaning all the selected items winutilities history cleaner software for.! The internal storage temporary files, memory dumps, prefetch data, Menu older cache browsing... At different time intervals Chrome app store it’s good for your privacy and the software scans all the files... And Upgraded details of junk files efficiently its official website online and the most stable preview build available the. And folders securely are some popular web browsers for this software is really fast by them!

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