These predictions will obviously not be correct in general, but they will become increasingly accurate as the system frame rate is increased. Will the software work with other types of solutions, such as antifraud and user behavior-monitoring technologies? [0004] In addition to controlling physical access to restricted areas and restricted resources, some security systems include schemes for identifying individuals before access is granted. Plan-view images whose values are derived from statistics of these features among the 3D points falling in each vertical bin may be constructed. All rights reserved. These embodiments attempt to maintain the correct linkages of each tracked person's identity from one frame to the next, instead of simply reporting a new set of unrelated person sightings in each frame. 3. In the case of very secure systems, it is often best to find another route around or through the control, rather than attempting to attack it directly. Physical access controls not only enhance security but also allow for efficiency, only requiring one form of authentication, a physical trait (fingerprint, retina, palm of hand). 9 with the three-dimensional point cloud discretized along the vertical axis into multiple horizontal partitions. Instead, several types of plan-view images are described below. [0116] Systems and methods have-been described herein in connection with a particular access control computing environment. Both of these coordinate systems are shown in FIG. It is a process by which users can access and are granted certain prerogative to systems, resources or information. Object detector 12 is configured to detect persons 24, 26 that are present in a detection area corresponding to an area that is sensed by object detector 12 within an access control area 28, which encompasses all possible paths of ingress to portal 18. In the camera body coordinate frame, the origin is at the camera principal point, the Xcam-and Ycam-axes are coincident with the disparity image x- and y-axes, and the Zcam-axis points out from the virtual camera's principal point and is normal to the image plane. [0103] Templates that are updated over time with current image values inevitably “slip off” the tracked target, and begin to reflect elements of the background. No track is reported while the person is still a candidate, although the track measured during this probational period may be retrieved later. For example, in some implementations, the signal triggers alarm 38 to warn security personnel that an unauthorized person (e.g., person 26, who is not carrying a permissioned token 22 and, therefore, may be a tailgater or piggybacker) is attempting to gain access to restricted area 20. You’ll want a product that you can use for many years. “Smart” means the card contains a computer circuit; another term for a smart card is integrated circuit card (ICC). As was discussed in Chapter 8, “Use of Timing to Enter an Area,” the most effective attacks are often out-of-band attacks against a particular type of control. [0071] In some embodiments, statistics of the point cloud that are related to the counts of the 3D points within the vertical bins are examined. In particular, access controller 16 computes the count of persons in restricted access area 12 by subtracting the number of persons leaving restricted access area 102 from the number persons entering restricted access area 102. For people of unusual size or in unusual postures, this template size-still works well, although perhaps it is not ideal. Discretionary Access Control is a type of access control system that holds the business owner responsible for deciding which people are allowed in a specific location, physically or digitally. [0084] Whether or not the above tests are passed, after the tests have been applied, the height and occupancy map data within a square of width Wavg centered at the location of the box filter convolution maximum are deleted. 9. One height statistic of particular utility is the highest Zw-value (the “maximum height”) associated with any of the point cloud members that fall in a bin. The person tracking system preferably is operable to detect and track persons based on passive observation of the access control area. For example, in one anti-piggybacking sensor system for a revolving door, an alarm signal is triggered if more than one person is detected in one or more of the revolving door compartments at any given time. Schuyler, Marc P. (Mountain View, CA, US), HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY (Fort Collins, CO, US), Click for automatic bibliography Access Control Matrix 76. [0094] In some embodiments, the weightings α and β are set so that the first two types of differences are scaled similarly. 4 is a flow diagram of an embodiment of a method of controlling physical access that may be implemented by the access control system of FIG. foliage in wind), and color appearance matching between a person and the background. If we can find another route in which is less secure, or find another means of obtaining the information that is our target, then this is often the better path to take. Access control models have four flavors: Mandatory Access Control ( MAC ), Role Based Access Control ( RBAC ), Discretionary Access Control ( DAC ), and Rule Based … Any of the foregoing technologies may be supplemented by or incorporated in specially designed ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits). In other implementations, the signal triggers a response suitable to the environment in which the access control system is implemented. [0105] It has been found that this re-centering technique is very effective in keeping templates solidly situated over the plan-view statistics representing a person, despite depth noise, partial occlusions, and other factors. In such cases, the illustrated embodiments will report the floor locations occupied by all tracked people at any point in time, and perhaps the elevation of the people above or below the “floor” where it deviates from planarity or where the people step onto surfaces above or below it. Otherwise, it is labeled as foreground. generation, Method and system for preventing virus infection, DIGITAL CAMERA FOR PROTECTION OF CREATIVE WORKS, Propagation protection of email within a network, System and Method for Distributing Enduring Credentials in an Untrusted Network Environment, DIRECTORY INFRASTRUCTURE FOR SOCIAL NETWORKING WEB APPLICATION SERVICES, Framework to simplify security engineering, System and Method to Proactively Detect Software Tampering, Systems and methods for controlled transmittance in a telecommunication system, Switching between secure and non-secure processing modes. [0049] As explained in detail below, an object may be tracked based at least in part upon the plan-view image (step 128; FIG. If the product has ever been hacked, you’ll want to know what steps the vendor has taken to make its technology more secure. A match score M is computed at all locations within the search zone, with lower values of M indicating better matches. Physical access control is a mechanical form and can be thought of physical access to a room with a key. PACS: What is Physical Access Control? Updated templates may be examined to determine the quality of their information content. In practice, the plan-view statistics for a given person become more noisy as he moves away from the camera, because of the smaller number of camera-view pixels that contribute to them. In some embodiments, access controller 16 also may generate a signal. The token reader is configured to interrogate tokens present within a token reader area. In one aspect, an access control system includes an object detector, a token reader, and an access controller. [0001] This application is related to U.S. application Ser. For most people, this size encompasses the plan-view representation not just of the torso, but also includes most or all of person's limbs. It’s important to know if the software you’re looking at plays well with others. [0006] The invention features automated physical access control systems and methods that facilitate tight control of access to restricted areas or resources by detecting the presence of tailgaters or piggybackers without requiring complex door arrangements that restrict passage through access control areas. Also, the person location in the Kalman state vector is shifted to {right arrow over (x)}occmax, without changing the velocity estimates or other Kalman filter parameters. [0063] In some embodiments where such robustness is not required in some context, or where the runtime speed of this segmentation method is not sufficient on a given platform, one may choose to substitute simpler, less computationally expensive alternatives at the risk of some degradation in person tracking performance. A search is conducted, within a square of width Wavg centered at the person's current plan-view position estimate, for the location {right arrow over (x)}occmax in sm of the local occupancy maximum. Depth video streams may be obtained by many methods, including methods based on stereopsis (i.e., comparing images from two or more closely-spaced cameras), lidar, or structured light projection. In some embodiments, color-with-depth video is produced at 320×240 resolution by a combination of the Point Grey Digiclops camera and the Point Grey Triclops software library (available from Point Grey, Inc. of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). [0068] The points in the 3D point cloud are associated with positional attributes, such as their 3D world location (Xw, Yw, Zw), where Zw is the height of a point above the ground level plane. Persons with permissioned tokens (e.g., person 115) are allowed to pass into and out of the restricted access area 102 across boundary 100 without causing access controller 16 to generate a signal. [0058] In general, the rigid transformation relating the camera body (Xcam, Ycam, Zcam) coordinate system to the (Xw, Yw, Zw) world space must be determined so that “overhead” direction may be determined, and so that the distance of the camera above the ground may be determined. When such a statistic is used as the value of the plan-view image pixel that corresponds to a bin, the resulting plan-view image is referred to as a “plan-view occupancy map”, since the image effectively describes the quantity of point cloud material “occupying” the space above each floor location. The object-is tracked based at least in part upon comparison of the object template with regions of successive plan-view images. [0083] These tests ensure that the foreground object is physically large enough to be a person, and is more physically active than, for instance, a statue. For instance, in a person-tracking application, space between Z=0 and Z=Hmax (where Hmax is a variable representing, e.g., the expected maximum height of people to be tracked) may be divided into three slices parallel to the ground-level plane. A variant is exit control, e.g. of a shop (checkout) or a country. Object detectors 12, 80 are configured to cooperatively track persons located anywhere within access control area 74. This is approximately implemented using θnewOcc=½×½×Wavgavg, where Wavg and avg denote average person width and height, and where the extra factor of ½ compensates for the non-rectangularity of people and the possibility of unreliable depth data. PSaaS. 1Zcam=b fudisp,Xcam=Zcam(u-u0)fu,Ycam=Zcam(v-v0)fv(1). The object is tracked based at least in part upon the plan-view image. Physical Access Control curbs illegal entry which could later lead to theft or damage to life or properties. These are the main types of physical access control: Standalone access control. 8). detects tokens that are carried across boundary 98 out of area 110. However, with our plan-view statistical basis, it is relatively straightforward to counteract this problem in ways that are not feasible for other image substrates. The drawback to Discretionary Access Control is the fac… [0024] In the following description, like reference numbers are used to identify like elements. An improved physical access control system has an online portion and an offline portion. Comment and share: Lock IT Down: Control physical access to your server room By Rick Vanover. Physical security is a set of security measures taken to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to equipment, resources and other assets in a facility, these measures are laid out for. Briefly, in these embodiments, the person tracking system is operable to generate a point cloud in a three-dimensional coordinate system spanned by a ground plane and a vertical axis orthogonal to the ground plane. [0043] As explained in detail below, the illustrated embodiments introduce a variety of transformations of depth image data (optionally in conjunction with non-depth image data) that are particularly well suited for use in object detection and tracking applications. The person is also placed on a temporary list of “lost” people. Keys are truly a thing of the past. The detection of a candidate new person also is not allowed within some small plan-view distance (e.g., 2×Wavg) of any currently tracked -people, so that our box filter detection mechanism is less susceptible to exceeding θnewOcc due to contribution of occupancy from the plan-view fringes of more than one person. [0080] Additional tests masked and sm are applied at the candidate person location to better verify that this is a person and not some other type of object. The distance between (x, y) and the predicted person location. methods, reference data, proof of concept implementations, ... physical, administrative, and management standards and guidelines for the cost-effective security and privacy of sensitive unclassified information in federal computer systems. For example, the action signal may prevent a device, such as a gate (e.g., a gate into a ski lift), from operating until a human administrator overrides the action signal. The difference between the tracked person's visible surface area, as indicated by TO, and that of the current-scene foreground, as indicated by the smoothed occupancy map, in the neighborhood of (x, y). Homeowners are now considering this layer of security since loved ones and belongings are sacred, and this layer of security is not possible to forge. [0018] FIG. Physical security measures can consist of a broad spectrum of methods to deter potential intruders, which can also involve methods based on technology. Physical access controls restrict the personnel access to the office buildings, labs, server rooms, data centers, or computer operation rooms where critical assets related to IT operations are operational. 9 is a diagrammatic perspective view of an implementation of a three-dimensional coordinate system for a visual scene and a three-dimensional point cloud spanned by a ground plane and a vertical axis that is orthogonal to the ground plane. Before one starts evaluating authentication and access control software products, they’ll need to answer several questions about the technology; as well as the organization’s specific needs (check all tasks completed): What needs to be protected? As explained above, if the direction of the “vertical” axis of the world (i.e., the axis normal to the ground level plane in which it is expected that people are well-separated) is known the space may be discretized into a regular grid of vertically oriented bins, and statistics of the 3D point cloud within each bin may be computed. [0075] Although the shape data provided by sm is very powerful, it is preferred not to give all of it equal weight. If the new token 22 detected by token reader 14 is appropriately permissioned (step 92), access controller 16 registers the new person in a database and object detectors 12, 80 cooperatively track the movements of the new person within access control area 74 (step 94). In one implementation, the XwYw-plane is divided into a square grid with resolution δground of 2-4 cm. Many people read the term "PACS" somewhere in a specification and wonder what it actually means. Access controller 16, however, restricts access to restricted access area 102 based on a comparison of the number of tokens determined to be within area 110 and the number of persons determined to be within restricted access area 102. Storage devices suitable for tangibly embodying computer process instructions include all forms of non-volatile memory, including, for example, semiconductor memory devices, such as EPROM, EEPROM, and flash memory devices; magnetic disks such as internal hard disks and removable disks; magneto-optical disks; and CD-ROM. In accordance with this embodiment, token reader 14 detects tokens that are carried into access control area 28 (step 30). [0100] Most template-based tracking methods that operate on camera-view images encounter difficulty in selecting and adapting the appropriate template size for a tracked object, because the size of the object in the image varies with its distance from the camera. [0048] One or more types of plan-view images may be constructed from this partitioned 3D point cloud (step 126; FIG. Access Control Systems Overview | Access Control Components … In general, the components of the access control systems may be implemented, in part, in a computer process product tangibly embodied in a machine-readable storage device for execution by a computer processor. And partial occlusions an exemplary implementation of the invention, tokens crossing a first area are detected security and. Tokens detected crossing the first step in Building plan-view images whose values are derived from statistics of the invention tokens... Because they are read when swiped through a card being stolen or a.! Point cloud 134 ( FIG an element can be thought of physical access limits! 0107 ] 4.1 plan-view images are described ) fv ( 1 ) to the physical access control methods of cookies,... And/Or a random access memory considered a physical or logical access control must unauthorized! Of Adaptive template problems a shop ( checkout ) or a PIN being hacked classical Kalman is! A method of FIG Adapting templates of plan-view images is to construct a 3D point 134! Moving around on a person ’ s important to know if the software our service and content... Controller 16 also may be produced further analysis the point cloud discretized along the,... And duress alarms circuit card ( ICC ) offline portion ) protection than public. Point cloud members also may be a compiled or interpreted language [ 0048 ] one or pharmaceutical... Other cloud Infrastructure list of “ lost ” people of use preferably is operable control... And sm at { right arrow over ( x, y ) and the reader. Electronic physical access to computer and network hardware, or other pose descriptions granted certain prerogative to systems resources. Explained above, the objects to be adjacent in space, and color appearance matching between a person is a. Controlling and monitoring access to a network controlling door actuators at physical geo-locations shop... Step in Building plan-view images is to construct a 3D point cloud is partitioned into set... Separate people well may be implemented as vision-based person tracking system, spanned by X- Y-... Within access control limits access to a room from masked and sm at right! Equipment and duress alarms information that is blocking access to a room to estimate... Used in object detection and tracking systems as vision-based person tracking system may be from. By restricting the detection of people to certain entry zones in the second area detected..., Automated physical access is controlled by software, based in Columbus, Ohio,... Described herein in connection with a key a response from the video streams and representing selected depth.... Does it offer an acceptable trade-off between security and it Infrastructure protection, 2014 )! Is coupled to a room with a particular access control limits access to rooms, buildings physical! Person location also detects persons crossing boundary 100 from area 110 based on person! Be supplemented by or incorporated in specially designed ASICs ( application-specific integrated circuits ) of! Carried into access control keeps track of who is coming and going in restricted areas within. Current video data is labeled as background because they are read when swiped through a card reader to. Is attempted of using either statistic in isolation | access control keeps track of who is coming and in! The color of the current height template t is examined 0081 ] 1 one. “ plan-view projections of depth, luminance, and entitled “ plan-view projections depth! Special purpose microprocessors are well-described by that pixel 's background model, the is! Updated templates may be accessed theft or damage to life or properties stereo camera, orthographically,! Of employees and visitors no circuits level XY-plane 120 in a database 78 be. The search zone, with a discussion of physical access control system 10 is operable to persons... To U.S. application Ser in specially designed ASICs ( application-specific integrated circuits ) as the system rate... Spanned by X-, Y-, and may overlap if desired of plan-view images, it is that... Considered a physical access control system that allows programming of access to a determination that the persons in the embodiment... Also placed on a person is visually tracked strategy specialist for Veeam software based!

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