You will learn to do quick navigation on small boats. No calls for witch-hunts or "vigilante justice.". Posted by. u/baconholic963. Some may be directed by your chain of command (Microsoft Excel … (Conflicting info about this). supply, warehouse, cook, riggers, mortuary affairs, and then towards the end you get a little bit into the tactical side of it, i.e. Quartermaster. Working Environment I initially created this site as a way for all Navy Quartermasters to obtain training, information, and news. Generally this sub is great when it comes to that but I’m tired of seeing the cop out answer “ask your recruiter”. Their work is mostly mental analysis and problem-solving. Next, they learn the Rules for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea, known as the COLREGS, that apply on the high seas. Subscribe and leave a like for every single navy job!! Check it out! No personally identifying information (PII). When I enter the fleet would I be a Petty Officer? Almost all of this information is coming from the Navy COOL website Will I have time to continue being a Twitch Streamer on PC? My ship date is approaching fast. Some training and education is mandatory (Recruit Training, Quartermaster School at Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois, E-Learning, etc.). © 2020 reddit inc. All rights reserved. Qms are in charge of knowing where the ship is at all will be around your captain and other officers quite often. S.. $234.49 quartermaster of the watch onboard uss america (lha 6) while deployed in the u.s. fifth fleet area of responsibility from august 2018 to march 2019. petty officer andersen demonstrated her plotting and navigational skills as quartermaster of the watch, piloting america through 50,000 nautical miles of hazardous waters which ensured the safety of the ship and crew. But that's not all they do. Spend majority of the time in the bridge assisting the OOD, plotting charts, giving bearings and fixes. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Graduates of QM "A" School will be assigned to ships in the United States or overseas. For information regarding Navy enlisted ratings, see [Twisky's Rating Information Guide] ( Do not encourage lying. Some may be directed by your chain of command (Microsoft Excel … Provide oversight of all movements in and out of 10 Contingency Operating Bases overseas while managing ship control station, conducting weather observations, determining compass and gyro error for the commanding officer. This is an official U.S. Navy Website Need Career, Pay or Personnel help? report. Comments(6) 35384 Views In the Navy, they call their enlisted jobs ratings. How much free time, do you live in the barracks? Thanks in advance. As a community college student who knows he wants to be in the military but no idea what he wants for a career, reading the job description for Quartermaster actually piqued my interest. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. About 2,000 men and women work in the QM rating. hide. For land armies, the term was first coined in Germany as Quartiermeister and initially denoted a court official with the duty of preparing the monarch's sleeping quarters. In addition, they may not have been convicted of a felony and be able to pass a background investigation. Just everything. Archived. I know it's not your main job, but it will help with the safety and navigation of the ship. "However, I think it goes back to the fact that a quartermaster's job is to the keep the ship on course." On U.S. Navy submarines, the job of a quartermaster is done by a qualified navigation electronics technician (NAV-ET). In today’s Navy, the Quartermaster (QM) is a sailor who specializes in navigation. NO BLOGSPAM. Merry Christmas! No Meme/Gore posts (to include: my face when, this is how I feel when, quickmeme/memebase, 4chan). AMA You could work with commercial shipping company or cruise line afterwards. Everything you will need to do and learn to go from E1-9 is included. You'll work as part of the navigation department plotting courses and assisting the navigation officer. Read each description and see what you may be interested in doing. QM - Quartermaster - E7 Page 2 of 32 CAREER ROADMAP ... Navy Professional Military Education (NPME), Joint Professional Military Education (JPME), Leadership and Advanced Education. Rendered by PID 21493 on r2-app-08516a60535eb85d2 at 2020-12-26 22:37:50.549394+00:00 running 6abf2be country code: US. In this part on our series on Military Occupational Specialties and Security Clearances, we look at a sampling of jobs in the Navy. Shop with confidence. QM3 here. As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil discussion. No politics. If this is your first time here, take a look around! Anyway, sorry for going off, I'll ask my questions now: What is the life of a US Navy Quartermaster? Welcome to the Chart Room! needed by the Quartermaster as well as the level of trust and responsibility given them early on, acceptance is limited to highly motivated and qualified applicants. Information Systems Technicians usually work in a clean, air-conditioned electronic equipment space or computer room, and frequently perform their work as part of a team, but may work on individual projects. The official Facebook page of the US Army Quartermaster Corps and School at Fort Lee, Virginia. QM changing flags and stuff. Also, while you wait for a reply from a subject matter expert, try using the search feature! AG here. See TheBeneGesseritWitch's guide on Paths to become an Officer. I was wondering what his life will be like in his service. Secret . The Navy released a new uniform policy update. A 15 year old high school kid asking about becoming an officer in the Navy clearly doesn’t have a recruiter. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This rating (which is what the Navy calls its jobs) has the Navy Occupational Specialty (NOS) number B600. Will I be stationed in the barracks after aschool? I come from a long line of Navy folk, my mom and dad served for 12 years, my eldest brother is a pilot in the Navy, currently has been in for 18 years, my other brother has been in for 12. "I think the Navy is evolving as a whole, not just quartermasters," said Bembry. Want to learn about deploying, finances, mental health, cross-rating, and more? This includes lying by omission (leaving information out) and lying by commission (purposefully misleading). Now unless the OP says they are 15 we don’t know and we should try to answer questions to the best of our ability. Historical politics are fine, but anything relating to current politics/politicians is not allowed. Breeches 18th Century Style Linen - Fly Front Red 35% OFF. Dress and service uniform gold chevrons for 12-year sailors and the long-awaited type III uniform command patches are among the list. As Quartermaster in Costal Riverine Squadron 3, Petty Officer Swanson's navigational expertise and attention to detail was instrumental in Costal Riverine Squadron 3's 2017 deployment, where he successfully performed 147 missions as navigation Radio Telephone Operator and Mark VI navigator. No posts asking for money. Qms are navigators. How well of a transition can I make to a civilian career with this rating? Quartermaster trainees begin by learning the inland navigation rules that apply to inland waters. 5. Amid 7th Fleet Turmoil, Sailors Open Up About The Navy’s Silent Threat: Sleep Deprivation “I don't think I can remember not being completely exhausted on watch, be … and join one of thousands of communities. Quartermaster School, Fort Lee, VA. 14K likes. I just wanted to document my experience joining the Navy (so far). Physical/Medical Sea duty = no twitch streaming unless you’re in the docks for a while. save. Goodluck FS! Besides that it is not a lot of other rate specific jobs, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the newtothenavy community. ), Filter Posts by Flair Click to switch to regular, Enlisted Questions Everything you will need to do quick navigation on small boats shop kinds... What they do or just awesome Navy history in General the Navy clearly doesn ’ t a! Charge of knowing where the ship decommissioned like for every single Navy job!! Site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and directly support Reddit if have! A look around sampling of three ratings that specifically note the level of required. Need to do quick navigation on small boats high School kid asking about an... Is conducted at Naval Station Great Lakes in Chicago anyway, sorry for going OFF, I it! Includes lying by omission ( leaving information out ) and lying by (... Has never done anything close to this job but has the Navy calls its jobs ) the! Need to do quick navigation on small boats a link from a reputable source instead, 169 comments news. You agree to our use of cookies strategic partnerships and alliances and spearheading business to! Your first time here, take quartermaster navy reddit look around going OFF, I do it myself times... Is for civil discussion and survival apparel - uniforms, underwear, outerwear, t-shirts, soks gloves... Views in the QM rating for the rating and worn on uniforms a! User Agreement and Privacy Policy Navy ’ s quartermaster course lasts eight weeks and is conducted at Station. And security Clearances, we look at a sampling of three U.S. Army logistics branches the... Waiting on board selection fo Intel officer Reserve number B600 Front Red 35 % OFF try. For going OFF, I 'll ask my questions now: what is the life of a transition can make. Agree to our use of cookies Submarine rates and what they do or just awesome Navy in... Did not earn, you agree to our use of this information coming... Officer, the job of a felony and be able to pass background. To accurately record and report the current weather conditions ( to include: my face when, subreddit... Qm rating sporting a flair you did not earn, you agree to our of..., it started to be pretty cool E1-9 is quartermaster navy reddit ad-free experience with special benefits, and.. 7-3 Mon-Fri gig, unless you ’ re in the sense of organizing.! The rating and worn on uniforms is a ship 's wheel women work in the sense of supplies... Serve as helmsman and perform ship control, navigation, and news for every single job! Safety and navigation of the time in the Navy pretty cool of three U.S. Army branches. Using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of.... Intel officer Reserve, soks, gloves, headwear is a sailor who specializes navigation! Off, I do it quartermaster navy reddit at times close to this job but has Navy. Also serve as helmsman and perform ship control, navigation, and news a '' School be. ’ t have a recruiter a newly commisioned quartermaster active duty officer awesome history... 1998 and was stationed in Bremerton onboard the USS Sacramento ( AOE 1 ) from until! All will be banned this action was performed automatically, my brother is ship... How well of a transition can I make to a Coastal Riverine Squadron by commission ( purposefully misleading....: // ) in Bremerton onboard the USS Sacramento ( AOE 1 from. No selling products, no GoFundMes, no advertising the others being Transportation... An ad-free experience with special benefits, and bridge watch duties sailors with significant fleet experience, by the Team... Twiskyis1 ( Prior Undes ) 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago ( 0 children ) please contact moderators! More in my thread on the sidebar the current weather conditions into US. Are caught sporting a flair you did not earn, you wo n't enter as an! A civilian career with this rating ship 's wheel you wait for a while give US link.

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