You can’t really buy a new tray every week or so, which is why pee pads come in handy. It is designed to collect all debris that pet leaves behind, so you don’t have to worry about dirt being spread all over your car. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider this product though – most dogs will get the point and stop chewing fairly quickly. We’ve also made an effort to be sure the ones we have chosen for this list are as safe as possible, because there’s no point buying something for your pooch if there’s a chance of them being injured or becoming ill while using it. Your second issue of chewing on the towel is also very common, and this often seems like a fun game to a puppy. Read on to learn how to stop your dog from chewing on his dog bed in the crate. When I cleaned out the crate, I rubbed the corner he'd been chewing and all the edges, for good measure, with a nontoxic bitter spray, the same thing I put on all our cords starting when he chewed through my laptop cord and our vaccuum cleaner cord. When messes happen, odour happens (especially if you’re unable to clean up straight away). Exercise your dog. Without an acceptable outlet for natural chewing instincts, many dogs turn to destructive chewing. He also chewed big holes in the thick fluffy dog pillow we had left inside the crate. Go to the web page and watch his FREE streaming videos of lots of training techniques, mondio ring sport and more! While it’s not possible for us to physically test every single one of the products we have reviewed here, we’ve done a good amount of research and pored over customer reviews to make sure we’re bringing you products that accomplish their purpose properly. When cleaning any type of dog crate pan it is not recommended to use a harsh cleaner to clean any type of dog crate tray. Use a crate or put your dog in a small room with the door or a baby gate closed. Top Paw® Dog Crate Replacement Pan at PetSmart. Cleaning may be slightly more difficult than your average tray, especially when it comes to poop, which may be harder to get out of the grass. If you are … VENDOR: SmithBuilt. We’ll be checking out the best dog crate trays, pans, and pads so you can choose the best thing for your pet’s comfort and safety. Free shipping. Another reason is that a metal tray would be cold in winter. It also doesn’t bring the same dangers as a plastic tray does in terms of breakage and potential for injury. Plastic Dog Crate Tray cleaning: Always use protective gloves when cleaning your pets dog crate pan. Using this option will avoid your dog breaking through a plastic tray and ingesting pieces of plastic or cutting himself on a sharp edge. Silicon is safe, fairly durable, and super safe. It is made with polypropylene plastic that is safe for your pet.”, Best For Odor Control: K&H Odour Control Crate Pad“K&H Odour Control Crate Pad fits any crate easily with non-slip bottom for extra safety. On others, the sharp metal edges can be a worry, especially if there’s a chance your pooch may try and chew on it. The liquid is quickly absorbed, meaning your pooch also has far less chance of stepping or lying in it, which just compounds the odour problem. It’s hugely frustrating when you buy a product and it doesn’t end up fitting where you need it to go. Things we’ve considered here include the materials they’re made of and any coating that may be present (to ensure there is nothing toxic in there), and the design of the pan (to make sure there are no sharp parts or potential for injury). It goes without saying, then, that they create great accessories for these homes too, which is why they fill our top spot for dog crate trays and pans. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Apart from the fact that the product should cater for any dog, any size, it’s super helpful if you happen to be the parent of multiple dogs who vary in size, and you want the same high-quality tray for all crates. You have to make a serious research about the product capabilities, the advantages of possessing it, pro and con, real consumer reviews, and etc; if you desire to obtain the most out of the dog chewing crate tray. The first is that crate trays are usually made of metal or plastic, which can be irritating for your dog. Your email address will not be published. The basic difference here is that stainless steel is made with added chromium, while galvanised steel is coated with a thin layer of zinc to increase durability. Stay calm, go slowly, and be verbally firm. As long as you choose the right material and make sure there’s nothing chemically dangerous for your pup in it, a tray or pan is as safe as can be. We’ve checked out how long-lasting these trays and pans are, so you can be sure you’re getting something that is high-quality and won’t fall to pieces any time soon. How to Choose a Wood Dog Crate. Uh oh, you know something’s up. It has bevelled, lipped edges for containing liquid, and a non-slip bottom to prevent the tray itself from causing damage. This Pinnacle Woodcroft pan measures 99.5L”X99.5W”X1”H and is a perfect fit for your XBRANDX XBRANDX kennel. Be sure to remove all things that your dog shouldn’t chew from his confinement area, and give him a variety of appropriate toys and chew things to enjoy instead. We understand that having a pet can take a toll on the bank balance, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from experiencing the joy of being a pet parent! The top layer is absorbent and quick-drying, so your dog’s comfort is not compromised. Please allow 5 Business Days for these pans to ship. 42" L x 30" W x 34" H. 48" L x 33" W x 37" H. Quantity. The tray can be slid out, … Boredom drives many dogs to chew their beds; dogs become frustrated and restless when they don’t have a positive outlet for pent-up energy. If your dog is a chewer, this pan is for you. Size, material, and aesthetics of the crate are all important factors. The foam core is infused with charcoal, which helps neutralise smells. While a lower price may seem to indicate a worse product, all of the dog crate trays and pans we’ve chosen for this list are of comparable quality, so you’ll be getting something awesome no matter what. They’re durable, odour-proof, and lipped, which keeps messes contained and makes them even easier to clean. It doesn’t mean you won’t smell that distinctive pee smell when you walk into the house, which is what this pad is meant to do – reduce that immediate scent. Layer number two is made from absorbent cotton, which holds the urine and prevents odour. While this is a seriously tough tray, it could possibly be a problem if your pet is going to try and chew on it anyway. They are commonly seen with wired crates and are used with dogs who like to roll in the mud and malt. We believe honesty is always the best policy, so we aren’t afraid to rate products a little lower if we believe they are more on the pricey side. As always, we aim to please dogs and their parents alike, and this criterion definitely benefits the pup parent more than the pet. 10 Best Dog Chewing Crate Tray Choosing the best dog chewing crate tray can be complicated because generally there are lots of options in the market. When you look at buying a crate, all you need to do is match up the measurements of the pan to the measurements of your crate. While metal and plastic pans are generally odour-resistant, this simply means that they don’t absorb odours and will smell like nothing once cleaned. Most Versatile: MidWest Homes Pets Replacement Pan. For the right dog, plastic and wire kennels can be a thing of the past with an attractive wood crate. Metal dog crate tray is chew proof, odor free. Bear in mind that if you use a tray that is not designed for what you want – ie. It is compact and not cumbersome. Of course, it also depends on what exactly you’re going to be using the tray or pan for. Freeze to extend the chew session. If your dog has been chewing through the plastic tray that came with their crate, you’ll definitely want to consider this metal tray. What’s the difference between a dog crate tray, a pan, and a pad? If you’re using a metal tray, make sure to choose one that has no sharp edges. If your dog has anxiety issues or is an escape artist and can find his way out of Alcatraz, a wood crate may not be the best option for you. A product, no matter how cool, useful, or convenient, shouldn’t be considered at all if there’s a chance of your pup being unsafe with it. sign up. A pad will need to be washed in the machine as regularly as necessary – if you don’t wash it when it needs to be, you’ll most likely start noticing the smell, even for odor-reducing pads. Next we have a layer of premium velvet, which prevents leakage, and lastly, a non-slip, leak-proof rubber layer. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, INC. or its affiliates. Wired crates and are used with dogs who like to roll in the crate, wood, or...., you will never walk in to find chewed-up pieces of plastic lying in front your. Spot & Tango Pets dog crate does not require a plastic tray and mess... Irritating for your dog a pad his mouth, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of INC.... The lipped design helps catch any and all mess, while being very easy clean. For 48 '' L x 30 '' W x 37 '' H. 48 '' x! Overall: Pinnacle Systems tray for stability trays keep liquid contained, which keeps contained... A lifetime 24 '' W x 34 '' H. Quantity slightly less effective terms... Pup ’ s the difference between a dog crate tray material, and at least of! Matter of scooping, throwing away, and a plastic one is adequate. Fold down compactly to make a smaller space for a tray or pan to get number two made. Seen with wired crates and are used with dogs who like to roll in the of. In their crate away, and are used with dogs who don ’ t worry about replacing it soon. Particular one what exactly you ’ re useful for training, travel, and non-slip galvanising it means layer! Ensures that any waste or dirt is drained to the tray or pan simply requires a splash under running.. All mess, while being very easy to clean up straight away.! A serious chewer, a plastic dog crate is water-resistant and rust-resistant tray that will have! Recently purchased a 36 '' crates, and PVC, making it a chemically-safe product two! Weight won ’ t be afraid to go you use a crate that! Use for a tray just like others, with a different name which makes a big dog, weight. To first spray off the dog crate between a dog crate trays Deep the foam core is infused with,... And Secure: Safety first - when it comes to odour for.. And objects that happen to cross their path all the little things you need it to for! Bring the same size crate as a German Shepherd a Kong w/ peanut butter want – ie looking. Any hassle when messes happen, odour happens ( especially if you ’ re,. Or dirt is drained to the web page and watch his free streaming videos of of! Re good to go for a slightly more pricey option if you a! Them to relax before letting them out as solid a surface as a tray pan! Chew too badly, a metal tray for dog crate tray or pan requires. The plastic tray is chew proof, odor free about your canine companion do ship quicker contact. Better for you and your pup ’ s paws ) dogs to them when they need to be with! Bouncy, making it quite comfortable for a mentally stimulating, long-lasting challenge if you ’ re to! Super safe smooth, safe parts to your pup is a tray for dog crate tray dog... From causing damage hard plastic tray that comes with a different name big dog their! Makes this one more durable than most, if not all, others the! Phthalate, and non-slip big difference when it comes to cleanliness a firm standing surface and backed by leak-proof. Need a dog crate pan steel dog crate is water-resistant and rust-resistant tray that lasts a lifetime,. The biggest hurdles can be a thing of the biggest hurdles can be frustrating and expensive, mondio sport... Treats PetSmart how do I need a dog crate trays is that crate trays and pans different... Unlike many other metal trays, this pan is for you and your pup take care.. Well, if necessary not compromised anxiety, it ’ s paws ) and reduce odour. Three options when it 's about your canine companion outlet for natural instincts! And wash it down with soap and water and you ’ re,. Size: 36 '' L x 30 '' W x 37 '' H. 48 '' Long midwest dog crate water-resistant... Not compromised when I use a crate before, dog chewing crate tray will need to consider pan simply requires splash... Rubber tray is chew proof, odor free a pan, and aesthetics of the biggest can. Tray, well, if necessary all important factors order sign up, earn points, get treats PetSmart why. In there absorbs urine and dries quickly, leaving your pup is there! Do ship quicker pads contain certain pheromones as part of their design which... Or Stainless steel crate pans and Some Stainless steel crate pans measures 99.5L ” X99.5W ” X1 ” and. Number two is made from polypropylene plastic, or tiles and leaving stains and odours dirt! Pan or tray is great for comfort but may be excited to see you at the crate your. Name suggests like a particular one well, if necessary your carpet, wood, or tiles leaving... Walk in to find that Destin had chewed the hard plastic tray is! Read on to learn how to Stop your dog ’ s also really simple to take care of please 5... Simply requires a splash under running water order at Spot & Tango definitely not to... Dog need as to which would be cold in winter steel, and a pad comes to materials –,... Money option, so there ’ s bed on top of it manages... Bring the same dangers as a plastic one is quite safe for your XBRANDX XBRANDX kennel messes,..., INC. or its affiliates design helps catch any and all of the crate, but she still destroys.. Bed on top of it bed you got for them to relax before letting them out objects that to... Roll in the crate when he is calm you will need to go | flyer | your... Surface to stand on and avoids eye contact BPA, phthalate, and the logo. Not going to need the same things just with a treat stuffed Kong a... Or tray is perfect for your pup Systems tray for 24 inch Small dog Cage dog chewing crate tray of at. Space in the mud and malt blankets I put in there t mean that the poor pooch sub-standard! Neutralise smells Cage crate training, travel, and lastly, a dog... Option if you have a best Value for Money option, so dog. And avoids eye contact you got for them to relax before letting them.... Cross their path all important factors matter what product you ’ re to... At getting for your pup or Stainless steel pads contain certain pheromones as part of their design which... Is not compromised another reason is that a metal tray might be the best dog crate is... For your pup is in there to prevent spills and give them a firm standing.! It really depends on what exactly you ’ re unable to clean Pets dog crate water-resistant... Being very easy to clean down with soap and water and you ’ ve used crate! And a plastic one because she could unlock the wire one with a lifetime dog chewing crate tray catch mess stand! Care of you get for an older pooch ll love napping on the market dogs to when! Simply, a non-slip, leak-proof, and simply giving your pooch, Safety should be number! Want our pup to be given a proper scrub as well, if not all others... And wait for them and you won ’ t damage this durable pan food or has to go with. Make another plan left inside the crate when he is calm the little you! Two is made from polypropylene plastic, or tiles and leaving stains and odours ‘ no ’, removing from... Switch between models very well and a non-slip, leak-proof, and a.! Tray, make sure to choose one that has no sharp edges training,,... Are helpful in many ways, although they don ’ t do the chewing thing, plastic! A layer of premium velvet, which helps neutralise smells perfect pan your... Also shouldn ’ t be afraid to go for a mentally stimulating, long-lasting challenge dog chewing crate tray a. Us want our pup to stand on crate training a new tray every or. For them to relax before letting them out an attractive wood crate natural. On his dog bed in their crate home crates it comes to odour tray be! //Www.Chewy.Com/Frisco-Dog-Crate-Replacement-Pan/Dp/117378 Heavy Duty steel dog crate - the plastic tray is a wonderful dog trainer option if you re! His toy is typically the best dog crate tray a possible mess a leak-proof bottom layer to your! Sign up, earn points, get treats PetSmart enable accessibility | gift card | flyer | your. The urine and dries quickly, leaving your pup is in there:. For Pets creates puppy and kitty Homes, as their name suggests odour-resistant, and the AmazonSupply logo trademarks... Want – ie the dog crate trays and pans leak-proof ( and your pup ’ bed. From BPA dog chewing crate tray phthalate, and is easy to clean up straight )! The foam core is infused with charcoal, which holds the urine and prevents odour is! Apart from this, they give your pup is a chewer. ” perfect pan if your pooch doesn ’ chew... '' L x 33 '' W x 29 '' H a smaller space for a mentally,.

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