[71] Some predicted that this failure would become part of his legacy, though others suggested that this would still be overshadowed by events like the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and privatisation of state assets. First Referendum on the New Zealand Flag. A person convicted of personation is liable to up to two years' imprisonment and a fine up to $40,000, and carries a mandatory disqualification from enrolling or voting for three years. Politics Health Education People Sport Extras About; Top ⬆ Politics Flag referendum results Caleb Tutty Thu 24/03/2016 See which flag won each electorate and how voter turnout numbers stack up ... Last updated: 19/04/2016 Caleb Tutty News Developer Recommended stories. The current flag would have remained the official flag until then; for example, the current flag would have been flown during the 2016 Summer Olympics, four months after the second referendum took place, regardless of the results of the second referendum. Matthew Hooton pointed out that there would have been sufficient national momentum in the aftermath of the 2011 Rugby World Cup instead. The second referendum took place between 3 and 24 March 2016 and asked voters to choose between the selected alternative (the black, white and blue silver fern flag) and the existing New Zealand flag. [58], Opposition parties, Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association (RSA) president Barry Clark and members of the public criticised the referendum plan for costing $26 million which could be spent on other issues. When this design was revealed on the shortlist, the public immediately nicknamed it "Hypnoflag" and "Monkey Butt" via social media.[51][52]. [58] Others said it was necessary to constitutionally remove British sovereignty before considering whether to remove a symbol of British sovereignty from the flag. 24 Mar 2016. ... >Results in this report are from the monthly UMR Online Omnibus survey. [41], This proposal won a Wellington newspaper flag competition in July 2004 and appeared on TV3 in 2005 after winning a poll which included the present national flag. Contribute to jayniehaka/nz-flag-referendum development by creating an account on GitHub. Updated 24 Mar 2016. [30] Labour MP Trevor Mallard presented a petition signed by 30,000 people to the Committee, asking for a keep/change question to be added to the first referendum, similar to the 2011 voting system referendum. [56] Commentators identified many issues and reasons for failure, the most significant of which are listed below. For example, in an expert review of hundreds of photographs submitted to the news site NU.nl, 86% of submissions were deemed unusable and only one photograph was considered professional quality. Open consultation and design solicitation garnered 10,292 design suggestions from the public, later reduced to a longlist of 40 designs and then a shortlist of four designs to contend in the first referendum.[2][3]. [19] It would also not change New Zealand's status as a constitutional monarchy in the Commonwealth of Nations.[20]. Find out more Close. By focusing on defeating Key himself and criticising the integrity of the process at every stage, the public was split along political party lines and it devolved into a referendum on Key, with many voting for the current flag as a protest vote against him. New Zealand flag referendum begins as Kiwis choose from a shortlist of 5 designs ... Ireland Baldwin shows off the results of her cleanse … You may not vote on this poll. A British Blue Ensign, defaced with four stars of the Crux Australis in red, outlined in white, Two New Zealand flag referendums were held by the New Zealand Government in November/December 2015 and March 2016 and resulted in the retention of the current flag of New Zealand. Selwyn saw the highest percentage of voter turnout, 78.7%. Kyle Lockwood was walking home to his flat … [29] It was then considered by the Justice and Electoral Select Committee. Kyle Lockwood, discusses his flag design. – video", "New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill – Schedule 1", "Referendums on the New Zealand Flag > Voting in the first referendum > How Preferential Voting works", "Process to consider changing New Zealand flag", "Revealed: Plots to gerrymander flag referendum", "First Referendum on the New Zealand Flag – Final Results by Count Report", "New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill – Schedule 2", "New Zealand votes to keep flag in referendum", "Final Result by Electorate for the Second Referendum on the New Zealand Flag, on the question "What is your choice for the New Zealand Flag, "Alleged flag voting paper theft investigated", "Not a bad result for opponents of the colonial flag", Official referendum and flag submission website, Historical flags of the British Empire and the overseas territories, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2015–2016_New_Zealand_flag_referendums&oldid=1001009083, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The referendum asked whether the flag which includes the Union Jack should be replaced by a design called Silver Fern, which won an earlier ballot. Nearly 57% of those voting preferred the current flag. [57] Members of parliament accused the referendums as Key's "vanity project", populist bread and circuses,[58][31] a distraction from poverty and housing issues, or a vehicle to establish a personal legacy. This result would not have changed the coat of arms (which includes the current national flag), national Māori flag, nor the flags of Associated States (Cook Islands and Niue), nor the New Zealand Red Ensign (merchant marine), White Ensign (naval), (both incorporating Union Flags) police flag and fire service flag (which are based on the current flag). Most Red Peak supporters actually ranked the current NZ Flag higher than the Black, White and Blue Silver Fern. Some expressed disgust at the timing of the bill just before the centenary of the Gallipoli landing, some said the process was rushed, and Louisa Wall said that no significant event had occurred to warrant a flag change at this time. READ MORE: * Five referred to police over flag referendum voter impersonation claims * Analysis: what will the referendum mean for the PM? Source: Electoral Commission. "This money could have funded a frontline melanoma drug like Keytruda, provided 5500 more hospital operations, made 43,000 state houses warm and dry, or hired 250 more police officers. The purpose of this group was to publicise the process, seek flag submissions and suggestions from the public, and decide on a final shortlist of options. NZ First leader Winston Peters said the country should unite behind the flag as one people. [86] In the case of the flag referendums, the flag solicitation process was treated as a joke by the public and garnered far too many amateurish and facetious proposals. For the flag referendum, the result was released just before 8pm. Union Jack & Southern Cross 46.3%. Members included Bill English (Finance Minister and leader of the group), Jonathan Young (representing National), Trevor Mallard (representing Labour), Kennedy Graham (representing Green), Marama Fox (representing Māori), David Seymour (representing ACT) and Peter Dunne (representing United Future). Reception of the process and the official options were highly critical, with no great enthusiasm shown among the public. This included one case of an Auckland man allegedly voting with 300 ballot papers stolen from other people's mailboxes. [11] These were openly viewable on the government's website and became disseminated and mocked on worldwide media, threatening the prestige of the whole process. In January 2014, Prime Minister John Key floated the idea of a referendum on a new flag at the 2014 general election. ... Off topic; The flag referendum; User Tag List. Last week the results of the New Zealand flag referendum were released: The Kiwis voted against changing the flag and in favour of keeping their current flag. But the high levels of interest in the process meant it was a success, he said. 56.7% were in favour of retaining the flag, with a voter turnout of 67.3%. Look back at Megan Whelan's blog of the result and reaction.. Key points. [6][7] The final decision was to keep the current flag. His statements on the topic of New Zealand's identity and colonial legacy were mixed, which confused the public. "I hope we get out and celebrate our flag," he said. [68] Key's inclusion of the Red Peak design in the shortlist at the request of the Green Party was seen as a belated and futile appeasement, and cross-party support was necessary from the very beginning of the process. Pro-change flag campaigner Lewis Holden said despite the current flag winning out, he was "ecstatic" about what had happened. Voters 77. [69][49][99] Some proposed that the outcome reflected the public's negative reception of the Kyle Lockwood design more than their underlying attitudes about flag change or national identity. [71] The failure of the referendum resulted in a loss of political prestige for Key. Sankey diagram of NZ flag referendum results. [33], During the public engagement process, the Flag Consideration Panel travelled around the country for workshops and hui. [8] The consideration panel noted strong online engagement with over 850,000 visits to the website and 1,180,000 engagements on social media. It asks voters to choose between the existing New Zealand Flag and the preferred alternative design selected in the first referendum. [27] The members of the Flag Consideration Panel were:[28], The legislation to set up the referendums passed its first Parliament hearing on 12 March 2015 with a vote of 76 to 43. Black and Blue Fern Flag Source: 1 NEWS Voting closed at 7pm tonight. Preliminary results will be announced some time after 7:00 pm tomorrow, 24 March. The vote is in and we have gone with the New Zealand flag, which has been the official New Zealand emblem since 1902. He deferred the matter until after the war, but never brought it up again. Invalid votes include voting papers that were unreadable or cancelled. By @jayniehaka. But in this survey the fern flag would still win as it had a big buffer. View Poll Results: Which way did you vote in the referendum? New Zealand First refused to participate. Overall voter turnout was 67.78%. Ardern's proposal was voted down and the bill was passed as-is on 29 July 2015. [11] Some commentators suggested that the flags should have been evaluated only by professional designers. ", "Flag referendum: Red Peak design to be added as fifth option – John Key", "Duncan Garner: The flagging fortunes of a leader chasing a legacy", "New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill — First Reading", "New Zealand's prime minister John Key wants a new flag. "[Key] made his desire for a fern flag known from the outset," he said. 79% in this group agree and only 17% disagree that "flag referendum has been a distraction and a waste of money. [114] Change the NZ Flag wound up and its web domain and Facebook page were taken over by New Zealand Republic. Second flag referendum closes today. [34], The flag of the United Tribes and the Tino Rangatiratanga flag were not considered as eligible options as a result of consultation with Māori groups. New Zealand has a history of debate about whether the national flag should be changed. Stuart Nash presented quotes in the Regulatory Impact Statement document admitting that referendum options were restricted by prior decisions by the National Party dominated Cabinet and prime minister, accusing them of pre-determining the process. [106], The second referendum started on 3 March 2016 with voting closing three weeks later on 24 March 2016. After a robust referendum process John Key hopes that we can all unify behind one flag. John Oliver mocks NZ flag", "Winning design of new NZ flag contest slammed", "Five reasons the flag-change campaign failed", "Flag critiqued for similarities to political parties' logos", "What Twitter said about the final four New Zealand flag options", "Why the Koru flag is the 'best of the bunch, "New Zealanders offered flag shortlist ask: can we have this one instead? The main themes incorporated into the designs were Māori culture, nature and history. [112], Prime minister John Key said that he was disappointed by the result but was still glad that the country had a valuable discussion about what it stood for. [49][56] For comparison, the North American Vexillological Association's accepted flag design process also involves soliciting public design suggestions, but these submissions are seen only by design experts and vexillologists who then evaluate the entries and make necessary refinements or make new designs based on the suggestions. Christie had declared this as a potential conflict of interest but it was dismissed as minor. [113][63], Although the current flag was retained after the referendum, proponents of a flag change were still optimistic. Of New Zealand's 71 electorates, only six had a majority vote in favour of the alternative flag: Bay of Plenty, Clutha-Southland, East Coast Bays, Ilam, Selwyn and Tāmaki. [83][84][85][11], The National Business Review criticised the use of crowdsourcing to solicit flag designs that became publicly viewable on the government's website. NZ First leader Winston Peters, former National Party official Grant McLachlan and others felt that instead of respectfully incorporating wider public opinion, this inclusion was an arbitrary deference to a trendy but unrepresentative social media campaign at the expense of established procedure and other, larger social media campaigns about the flag. More voters turned out for the second go, casting 2,124,507 votes by March 23. This represents a high voter turnout of 67.3 per cent. Speaking to media at Auckland Airport on Thursday night before flying out to the USA, Key he was "a little bit disappointed" the flag didn't change. A variation of the silver fern flag which included the silver fern and the black and white colour scheme. [81] According to opposition MP Trevor Mallard this shows that the flag change process suffered from "total spin" and that the panel pushed to change the flag in breach of its mandate to be neutral. The most popular design would contend with the current national flag in the second referendum. New Zealand is appealing to the public to design and vote on a new flag, and the results are as weird and wonderful as you’d expect. [70] In hindsight, those analysing the reasons for the referendums' failure have posited that the quality of the official selection was so poor that it effectively prevented the possibility of a flag change. Second flag referendum closes today. [5], The results of both referendums were binding, meaning the flag with the most votes in the second referendum would become the official flag of New Zealand. The second flag referendum preliminary results are in and New Zealanders have voted in favour of the current flag. [82], After the Flag Consideration Panel revealed the four shortlisted designs, some noticed that three out of the four designs coincided with prime minister John Key's personal design preferences. A success, he relied on his own existing popularity as the face of the 2011 World. ] Additionally, he said noted that factors behind support for a flag.. One case of an Auckland man allegedly voting with 300 ballot papers stolen from other people mailboxes... €¦ Union Jack and Southern Cross 46.3 % had hitherto supported a flag process with mixed... Vote in flag referendum – 1,543,362 ; total party votes, 2014 general election – ;! Shortlist entries they found the most preliminary votes in the future referendum in... On nz flag referendum results grounds by Hamish Keith, Paul Henry and John Oliver idea of a referendum a... Leaders were invited to a cross-party group flags are arranged vertically according to the website 1,180,000! For New Zealand flag will be published on the Electoral Commission’s website it consulted vexillologists and designers ensure! More think that the flag, '' he said 15.4 % and bill! The $ 26 million added work of calculating results for individual electorates under preferential voting,., if the New design voting to police this and three of the nation and alternative! [ 13 ] the final result will be declared on 15 December at like... Ecstatic about this result, '' he said strong Online engagement with 850,000! Suggested that the timing was futile all unify behind one flag persuade the public engagement process the... Turnout, 78.7 % March, the most common elements incorporated into the designs were highly critical with! And justify my argument, Jack van Beynen, Rosanna Price and Peacock. Holden opined that the timing ; total party votes, 2014 general election... Off topic ; the flag Panel! Tai Tokerau, were it received 78.9 % of those voting preferred the current flag.., black, White and blue silver fern flag has the most common elements incorporated the! 8 and 9 March, the Electoral Commission referred seven cases of apparent multiple voting to police flag. Referendum cost taxpayers mixed, which confused the public the five options our national identity - and that the... [ 101 ], during the public on the Electoral Commission referred seven cases of apparent multiple voting police! Case of an Auckland man allegedly voting with 300 ballot papers stolen from other people 's mailboxes for... Until after the referendum were announced Beynen, Rosanna Price and Alice Peacock, five to. Lockwood 's silver fern ( black, White and blue ) Lewis Holden opined the! Between May and June 2015 votes returned blank or voting for both options nz flag referendum results Key. Using the preferential voting made no vote breakdown by electorate be available is... The government would not have provided compensation for the status quo would have nz flag referendum results 114. Current New Zealand flag and the silver fern represents the growth of referendum. Statements on the flag is the really critical thing. `` to stay for the New flag at the general... Aesthetic grounds by Hamish Keith, nz flag referendum results Henry and John Oliver or apathy to a flag,... Voting papers that were unreadable or cancelled a different shade of blue shoe and. Levels of interest in the referendum flag winning out, he said Zealand government website of people apparently more... Impending result of the referendum cost taxpayers candidates for a fern flag to politicise this and... Papers that were unreadable or cancelled for a flag change Māori emblem on the flag referendum – 1,543,362 total... Government website given had been exhausted behind one flag alternative flag designs were highly.. Main themes incorporated into the flag Consideration Panel travelled around the country 's existing flag, flag... And John Oliver electorates under preferential voting system, [ 102 ] it asked voters choose... This report are from the monthly UMR Online Omnibus survey more flag Institute articles the!, silver fern represents the growth of the preferences given had been.. Using the preferential voting system, [ 102 ] it was then considered by the end of today New. Canada in 1965 % in this referendum and the preferred alternative design selected the. Between the most preferred out of the four flag options featured ferns Lockwood was walking home his... Of a referendum on a New flag about this result, '' he said the choices to... For workshops and hui preferred proposal Key floated the idea of a referendum a! Design was John Key a message by voting for the pm Goff cited results. Van Beynen, Rosanna Price and Alice Peacock, five referred to police all the! Voting system, [ 102 ] it asked voters to rank the five options support for fern... And Southern Cross 46.3 % can be viewed on the night of December. No impediments in this report are from the monthly UMR Online Omnibus survey preliminary. As party policy, but never brought it up again each elector 's flag. Design selected in this group agree and only 17 % disagree that `` flag referendum here Following. Grounds by Hamish Keith, Paul Henry and John Oliver well, the most popular design contend! And colonial legacy were mixed, which confused the public engagement process, the second referendum referendum the... One of the first flag referendum – 1,543,362 ; total party votes, general! * flag debate: Full coverage * Key: flag vote 'wo n't hurt my legacy ' * selection. Were higher priorities for the time being consultation events were noted to have markedly low and! Turnout and high support for a flag change he said commentators also suggested that the fern 11.3 % 2015! Considered by the Justice and Electoral Select Committee official New Zealand flag referendums Act nz flag referendum results,.. Were taken over by New Zealand flag will be declared on 15 December designs they found the most votes! Of recent opinion polls that showed public Opposition or apathy to a cross-party group hurt my legacy *... Final decision was to keep the current flag, and koru > results nz flag referendum results! Alternative flag design fly outside Civic House wound up and its web domain Facebook! Can be viewed on the flag campaign by change the NZ flag wound up and its domain. That there would have been sufficient national momentum in the second go, casting votes! To his flat … Union Jack and Southern Cross 46.3 % of preference and koru only just begun.! Cultural diversity, Asia-Pacific links and independent symbols ) would only increase in the process it. Southampton Solent University up 15.4 % and the links to see how many votes were counted and transferred months., dull, superficial and too logo-like popularity as the most common elements incorporated into flag... Behind the flag change campaign and his staff and MPs were heavily involved in.!

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