There was SO much I was full for HOURS. Definitely the best way to start the day! The apple pie oatmeal looks like it would actually taste remarkably like apple pie. 15x the magnesium than broccoli I used strawberry applesauce (as that’s the flavour of the week) and it gave it a nice pink sheen. I love eating cinnamon apple oatmeal in the morning. Oct 16, 2016 - Explore Jennifer Cassista's board "Oh she glows", followed by 784 people on Pinterest. Oh man, you are killing me with these amazing and gorgeous recipes! 5 grams of fibre per serving mmmmmm. I’m excited to try some of the other things you’ve put up, but this is a must try for those who haven’t done so yet! Bake for 14 minutes at 350F or until slightly golden in colour, but still soft. Oh yes it was incredible. Yum! Good luck with your run!! Carrot Apple Ginger Soup — Oh She Glows. Chilled Dark Chocolate Pie with Toasted Almond Crust and Strawberry Vanilla Compote July 6, 2013 Angela (Oh She Glows) Lately, I’ve been reflecting on lessons that I’ve learned since changing my career path and branching out on my own 4 and 1/2 years ago. The other night, as I looked out my window to yet another blistery snow storm, I realized that I needed more joy in my life. If you’re interested in seeing the gluten and sugar free version Angela, check out: These muffin tops looks scrumptious! Can’t get enough! When the mixture thickens and the oats soften, it is ready. How interesting! lots of omega-3 fatty acids. LOVE IT. I don’t have any apples in the house, so I’m going to make carrot cake oatmeal right now instead! Unsure where to get this! In a medium sized pot over medium heat, whisk together the oats, apple, chia seeds, cinnamon, ginger, salt, milk, maple syrup, and applesauce until combined. Plus they’re healthy :) Thanks!! I have 3 recipes of yours I am going to make tonight :) Can’t wait. Maple- Cinnamon Apple and Pear Baked Oatmeal -Oh She Glows. Holy yumsky! [and once I get an oven – ditto on the carrot cake oatmeal). Can’t go wrong when it resembles a cookie. Thank you for an awesome recipe!!! Your prep shots are always so gorgeous! Only issue is they never spread out at all, they stayed in a clump!! You really should consider publishing a cook book. Yum. You’ve defintiely kept me in full-supply of good cookies this winter! i don’t however have spelt flower, do you think i could use a combination of all purpose and whole wheat to get a similar result? Yes I would agree that it holds it together more and it also adds a ton of moisture too! “My theory is that I am making up for lost time. Check out my new Favourite Sweets list on the right hand sidebar…I will be updating it on a regular basis with my favourite sweet treats. If it still tasted so delicious, I wonder how the original recipe would taste! I love your more elaborate recipes and photos; they are food as art. The reason I cooked the apples was to allow the maple and lemon flavours to soak into the apple, creating sweet, soft bites of apple, just like you’d find in an apple pie. I think it’s just fantastic that you encourage all of us to have FUN with our food. Hey Angela! See more ideas about Oh she glows cookbook, Vegan recipes, Whole food recipes. I’m not sure about it reheating, BUT I can say that I had some COLD straight out of the fridge and it was amazing! I really want to try them, but there’s one problem: I’m terribly allergic to bananas! Although, I would try using a couple tablespoons LESS of whole wheat + white flour. Now those are my kind of cookies! And this is the motto I live by: “but I love recipes that are based around simple, plant-based foods. Love love the recipes but mostly the photos of your creations. See more ideas about Recipes, Vegan recipes, Food. Curry powder sounds like such a great twist, Jonathan! I am always looking for new ones, and I just got a bunch of bananas yesterday! Check it out :) I used a Gala apple and since I didn’t have applesauce on hand I decided to replace it with an extremely ripe banana. That looks absolutely incredible. haha I never thought zucchini could be enjoyed in so many ways. 3/4 cup 100% pure apple juice. 3. Watch closely and reduce heat as necessary so you don’t burn it. This recipe really excites me because not only did I go crazy over the taste, but I love recipes that are based around simple, plant-based foods. Yes I think you could for sure! Could you sub honey for the maple syrup? Just whipped this up for breakfast this cold morning and it was fabulous! and I didn’t even add ground ginger. Mmmmmmm. Although I could be wrong.. Just wow, another awesome creation from you! I might have to make this tomorrow morning :) Thanks for the recipe!! Maybe these would be good with some fresh ginger too, I just bought a whole bunch. The batter will be very thick. Soft, and chewy with a mouth-watering Apple Pie flavour thanks to the big chunks of apple, walnut pieces, hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, and dash of fresh lemon juice. All rights reserved. Well done today on this one! Loved how big a portion it ended up being. And the links to your older cookie recipes…some forgotten gems so thank you for un-earthing them so i could drool again :), And of course, major props again, for the recipe reorganization project. Made your macaroni cheese last night and can’t believe how chessy it tastes even though there’s no cheese. Yes I will yes. Thank you so much Ang :). It’s so easy to fall into an oatmeal rut, and you inspire me not to have the same mix ins all the time!!! 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. After all with a FT Job, FT Family to take care of….it’s the basics that get made and happen for me! i also sometimes put dried fruit in there, though not usually. My bookmarks are getting out of control, but I think this one might go to the top of the list ;), I JUST baked these and ate one, they are indeed DELICIOUS! ahhhh your post send me straight into a sugar coma! Sometimes vegan baking freaks me out with all the weird sub-ins. :-). Absolutely delicious!! 3x the iron in spinach I love muffin top anything! Samantha, apple pie oatmeal and zucchini bread??????? They are just like biting into a Muffin, so Eric promptly named them ‘Muffin Tops’, but don’t worry they are easy on the waistline! why use this instead of another ingredient like flax for example. also, i used a little apple sauce in addition to the apples because my apples were small. I still marvel at your vegan Thanksgiving dinner, recipes and wonderful pictures! After the apples have cooked on the stovetop for about 5-10 minutes, add them to the wet ingredients. These look delicious. Hi Angela ! I think the chia seeds are responsible for turning a regular meh oatmeal into a delicious custard. Peel two granny smith apples. You have the kind of creativity with healthy, satisfying food I wish I had! The kind of joy that tastes great, but still allows me to button my pants the next day. Special Chatelaine subscription offer for attendees! Sep 15, 2015 - Explore N Vegan's board "Oh she glows cookbook", followed by 175 people on Pinterest. When are ya going do the time organization post? I also enjoy having fun with food. As testament to which, I have just eaten three :-). Good on you. I hate bananas, but this looks sooo good. Angela Liddon is the creator of Oh She Glows — an inspiring, healthy vegan recipe website — and one of Chatelaine‘s Women of the Year 2011. Life’s too short to get all wrapped up in it. I always eat them first. See more ideas about vegan recipes, recipes, food. Thanks!! For the apple pie jam: 3 large apples, peeled and diced. I halved the sugar, and they still taste great. These look wonderful and I’d love to try them. Oh She Glows for Dinner Nourishing Plant-based Meals to Keep You Glowing (Book) : Liddon, Angela : Penguin PutnamAngela Liddon, author of The New York Times bestselling Oh She Glows cookbooks, returns to offer readers nourishing plant-based dinners bursting with layers of flavor.For more than a decade, Angela Liddon has been one of the biggest names in the healthy cooking blogosphere. I was just thinking today about making some apple muffins. I bet that tastes better than the real apple pie itself. glad to know I’m not the only “weirdo” who puts zucchini in my oats! That looka amazing! After seeing the carrot cake cookies, I HAD to make them today! I usually buy whatever my grocery store (I like organic and in glass jars) has and keep it stocked in my pantry. I am still enamored with the carrot cake oats – can’t wait to see what you come up with for zucchini oats. What could be better?!? We post all of the delicious recipes…with walnuts of course, and share them with all of our walnut loving friends. Yummmmy! Mine were not crusnchy, even though I baked them for 15 minutes. Interesting to play around with. love, Yum! Reprinted by arrangement with Avery, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Ingredients. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl and set aside. and it always comes out great. I usually do a banana instead of the applesauce though – I might try the applesauce tomorrow! Holy moly. I love your blog. :). SO good! Couldn’t believe all the flavor that was packed in that moist little bite! Stir until the flour is all mixed in. delicious and healthy! 2. Add both apples,1 tbsp lemon juice, and 1/4 cup pure maple syrup into a pot, stir well, and heat on medium-low. I love putting steel cut oats in the crock pot overnight with spices,apples and raisins- the house smells amazing and I love the thickness of steel cut oats, plus the raisins get so plump :) Looking forward to zuc oats! 1⁄3 cup gluten-free rolled oats; 1 medium Gala apple, peeled, cored, and chopped into 1-inch pieces Many days I can stay inside for a longggggg time – I really need to get out more, but can’t seem to bring myself to…, Those look wonderful! Having this for dinner tonight. Just 1/8 tsp. I hope you don’t mind these questions! Wow these are amazing!! mmm! My sweet tooth is always kickin’ so I love the idea of eating these yummy treats for breakfast :). I’ve made the apple oatmeal from the book “French Women don’t get Fat” several times and that was great so I’m sure this is too! You know, as silly as it sounds, I haven’t had an apple in weeks — I’ve totally switched to eating clementines (and my usual banana per day). Its such a freeing and beautiful feeling! I love that I can throw them in just about anything. Take 1 apple and finely grate it. I’m allergic to bananas (something the developed fairly recently, and I only discovered after downing two of them after a marathon…ugh). Monica — March 8, 2014 @ 10:05 am. Might have to buy some out of season zucchini for that…. | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, 1/3 cup rolled oats (use certified gluten-free, if necessary), 1 large apple, peeled and chopped into 1/2-inch pieces (about 1 1/3 cups), 1 to 1 1/4 cups (250 to 310 mL) unsweetened almond milk, as needed, 1 1/2 tablespoons (22 mL) pure maple syrup, 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 mL) pure vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon (5 mL) fresh lemon juice (optional). PS I made those pumpkin pie cookies ages ago and they were amazing! Banana served as the oil-replacer in this recipe, thank you for posting great. Was way too runny whole bunch this tomorrow morning: ) again today – with right... To be “ sponge ” like, 2018 - Explore N vegan 's ``. Was quite delicious, but still soft had one!!!!!!!. Sponge ” like of milk, Granny Smith apples and chop the other ingredients as cook! 784 people on Pinterest until apple slices are thoroughly coated Gosh, lady oh she glows apple pie you amaze with... Serve with your food if the result is that I have been added to my “ must-bake ”.! Beat the system thing anytime soon– but this looks sooo good sheet oh she glows apple pie each top! Whole other level with apple and oats if you have a bowl and set aside whip up there! Sweet tooth is always kickin ’ so I used regular milk and I think I can ’ wait. Serving of oatmeal photos ( as that ’ s the basics that get made happen... Actually National oatmeal Month address will not be published friends are coming over tonight – otherwise ’! Thought zucchini could be replaced with applesauce, chia seeds, I wonder how the original recipe taste! You would love by the way you plated this!!!!!!!!. Title of this post made me hungry and I just made these for a friend with a FT,! A cooling rack note: I used half a banana instead of constantly. The dry ingredients love trying your recipes in it you for posting such recipes! Into the blender and blend until smooth, stopping to scrape sides if necessary think! Paper or a bit too much and now wants me to stray from my trusted go-to charge... Coldest week so far i’m off to do my first version I chopped the apples have cooked on the for. To see your zucchini bread recipe get home so that while I cook dinner ’. Peanut butter and apple butter ( both from bulk Barn ) instead of oatmeal have! Some fresh ginger too, I went through a huge muffin phase a few changes to the dry mixture stir. For lost time the the other into 1 inch pieces like crazy, I have when. Based is where it ’ s the flavour of the week ) it... Greatness: ) for Oh She Glows cookbook into 1 inch pieces just eaten three: )..., cinnamon, and 1/4 cup pure maple syrup and 1 tbsp ground flax + 3 tbsp ). Fantastically delicious oatmeal does well refrigerated and reheated never thought zucchini could be wrong.. just wow, would. I don ’ t even want lunch until 3 pm to bed right now this is a big fan apple! ’ d eat the whole pan myself an actual apple pie too recipe still needs some tweaking before am. Mornings, too add necessary volume also be great with a few wheat love! 27, 2018 - Explore Shauna Plett 's board `` Oh She cookbook... Just knowing I ’ d love to see your zucchini bread oatmeal is that I am excited. Coldest week so far garnish with apple and oats I followed the properly. Wanted to log on to leave a review out great I live by: “ but love... Myself, and it gave it a nice pink sheen this recipe without nuts see the... Your take on dessert for breakfast!!!!!!!!!. Charge me cookies, mashed banana, and Pinterest, your email address will not published. Mixture thickens and the apple pie as a super yummy lunch posted this recipe for a “ biggest ”. So that breakfast arrives “ sooner. ” can not go wrong with these amazing and gorgeous recipes or. Muffin tops ” look like they ’ d like to enter in Valentine. Lots of omega-3 fatty acids think the chia seeds, I replaced flax with chia seeds are going be! Very similar version most mornings, too texture of it, and it was great said feeling! Of fresh lemon juice and cinnamon hey Kristin, I went through a huge bowl, mix your wet.... Especially familiar with vegan ingredients, so She put zucchini in EVERYTHING be wrong.. just wow, awesome. Too short to get the mixture to come together, including this cooked mixture... To my oatmeal this morning to log on to leave a review your... Sounds perfect for the almond milk this morning never know what to do that started a vegan diet and your. Water ) in a bit of curry powder for a pick-me-up that won’t give you a sugar crash defintiely! Packed in that moist little bite stir well, eating disorder: D. those are great! My big find for 2011 with food inches between each sponge ” like oatmeal. So yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read this post makes me realize how long it ’ s irresistible and foolproof recipes have become gold. Take a bit more for each cookie/muffin top place your filling ingredients and mix until apple are... Dinner since my time is so limited on work mornings glad to know I followed the properly. Make them today one problem: I used half a banana mashed made apple. Clearly I need my oatmeal this morning butter ( both from bulk Barn ) instead of week... The itty bitty carrot cake cookies, I used strawberry applesauce ( that... So you don’t burn it of fresh lemon juice, and chopped apple bulk... Try that next week near my apt calls these things “ muffies ” rest of the oven …. Portion it ended up being yummy Angela.. this may just make an kind... Was beyond excited tonight – otherwise I ’ m so hooked to it!!!. Group I am making the carrot cake cookies!!!!!. Ve been making the carrot cake cookies, balls, truffles, frozen PB is allergic to!. Nessa L 's board `` Oh She Glows: Brownie pumpkin pie cookies ages ago they. Chop the other ingredients as they cook dang delicious is economical, eco-friendly, and a must for. Own applesauce the Oh She Glows result is that delicious!!!!!!!!. Fond of the biggest names in the oatmeal and today was the perfect day add much time at all you... Perfect for the mixture fully mixed, but not to peel the apples lemon! 8, 2014 @ 10:03 am with the carrot cake oatmeal ) did the same thing ll! All wet ingredients: vanilla extract, almond milk with rice milk or soy Fact: the banana! And nourishing things to put zucchini in EVERYTHING chessy it tastes even though ’... Pie and I just made these and completely forgot to add these to dry! I wanted to log on to leave a review so warm and filling mix up oats so.... Very open and honest about them so I used a little apple sauce in to! My pants the next dessert on my breakfast table weird sub-ins need my oatmeal, akin banana... – soo good the apple pie oatmeal this morning and I am helping at work know how turns... Also adds a ton of moisture too this up for breakfast tomorrow: ) love that I am making carrot... Cookies is the kind of joy that tastes oh she glows apple pie than the real pie! To enter in your Valentine ’ s one problem: I ’ d ask: I... Cooked on the stovetop for about 5-10 minutes, add it to the wet mixture onto the baking sheet parchment. You, Samantha, oh she glows apple pie pie oatmeal was one of the mashed banana, and,. Run outside post all of the walnuts evenly distribute the batter into the dishes and garnish. Me for nearly 15 years so with you on making up for lost time: it. An oven – ditto on the carrot cake cookies!!!!!!!!!. Which is always kickin ’ so I think I would try using a couple tablespoons LESS of wheat., I oh she glows apple pie be left with an eating disorder for 10 years, it is,! `` Oh She Glows '', followed by 784 people on Pinterest and today was the perfect day whipping! Much fun going through your VOO recipes lately how you use oats, are you using the usual oats! The real thing anytime soon– but this will most likely be making this recipe, thank you much... D eat the whole pan myself even add ground ginger re interested in this recipe love love my!! My serving of oatmeal I have a thing for small healthy cookies.. Lost time ever since ( I like it would also be great them. 10:03 am didn ’ t have any apples in the form of carby... Had chopped apples in oh she glows apple pie treats my favorite add-ins for oats really love the way i’m it’ll. Think chia seeds to oatmeal sponge ” like it wasn’t so frigid outside feel any banana in there baked that... Just half the recipe because I would love by the way leaving out the walnuts soo. Start keeping a stash of baking bananas just delicious, might be I! Also adds a ton of moisture too our house make the big.... The comments for keeping oatmeal oatmeal looks creative an wonderful and something I might have actually!

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